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        首頁 > 關于我們 > 公司概況
                公司秉承“服務軍工 保障軍工”的使命和“以顧客為中心、以市場為導向”的核心價值觀,我們必將實現“世界一流品質的綠色電子企業”這一崇高愿景。
                Founded in Nov., 2002, Zhejiang Wanzheng Electronics Science & Technology Co., Ltd. is a “National High and New Tech Enterprises” specialized in production of HF multilayer printed circuit boards. Following the strategy of “technological development, quick service”, the company has built systematized delivery platform and quality guarantee system. Its leading products have been widely applied in automotive electronics, intelligent transportation and 5G communication,etc.
                In 2006, Special PCB R & D Center was established, specialized in R & D, pilot production of fast PCB, technical consultation and service of special HF antennas and multilayer printed circuit boards. With 10-year professional development, it has been the leading company in domestic field of special HF printed boards, metal based boards(copper, aluminum and iron), and planar antenna PCB .
                The company actively promotes one-stop service mode “PCB Design-Manufacture-SMT” and established Zhejiang Wanzheng Intelligent Science &Technology Co., Ltd. in 2018. Confronting challenges from rapid and continuous development of high-speed signal and RF microwave products, the company is always keeping pace with international technological innovation.
               Adhering to the mission of serving and guaranteeing the military industry and the core value of customer and market orientation, the company will certainly realize its great vision of being world-class green electronics enterprise.